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Welcome to Perry's Termite Service-

Our company originated in Southern California and is now located in Albuquerque New Mexico. We are a termite control
company that performs treatments (including wood-rot treatments). We offer free estimates for all of our work and free termite
inspections. A nominal fee is required for real-estate transaction reporting.

We can perform borescope wall cavity inspections (call our office for details).

Realtors in the Albuquerque area: We perform real-estate termite reports. Our termite reports are guaranteed for 1 year;
meaning, if we inspected the property and saw no visible evidence of termites, and your buyer discovers termites on or
in the structure, within the 1st year, we can be contacted to return and treat the home for free. This termite guarantee
also covers
hidden termites. The only exceptions being homes constructed with Kitec or Polybutylene plumbing.    

We specialize in Subterranean Termite treatments and can perform localized wood injection treatments for drywood termites.  
(We use Orange Oil which contains d-Limonene, the active ingredient that is extracted directly from Orange and other
citrus peels, for drywood termite control).

We are licensed, Bonded, Insured  (NM License NMDA 55477 7D) and have over 34 years experience in our industry.

Our Repair Photos
page will show before and after pictures of some of our damage repair and wood replacement work.
Most of the repair photos on this site are of work performed in Southern California through our California office.

If you have termites, but only have a specific question or perhaps are buying/selling a home and have questions regarding the
procedures or reporting (and don't necessarily need an in-home inspection performed), we would be glad to assist.

Our Treatment Types page will describe treatment measures for the different types of termites and will explain our structure
guarantee options.
Wood rot damaged support that we replaced
(Before and After photos) (Southern California)
Wood decay rotted stairs we
re-built (Southern California)
List of our available services :    
-Localized (spot-treatments) for Drywood termites      -Floor or wall tile repair
-Complete treatments for Subterranean termites           -Fence or gate repairs      
-Real estate termite escrow reports                               -Patio/Deck treatment & shoring    
-Parapet stucco repair                                                    -Free inspections & estimates
-Stucco repair or whole-house restucco              (free termite inspections excluding thermal imaging)
Reference- Ken, thank you for your service. Your work was first rate and I
would certainly recommend your efforts to other customers. You were
also very polite & considerate." - Suzanne C. (Irvine, CA)
Pictured: Left/right: Joe, Leonard, Rick, Ken
Swarming Subterranean termites.
11/4/1999 - 4/29/2011
Pictured above- Carpenter ant
damage to a sliding glass door jamb
Southern California
Southern California
Repair Work-
-Wood shoring
-Floor tile repair
-Fence repair
-Gate repair
-Wood rot treatment
-Parapet repair
-Whole house stucco
-Stucco repair
Attention California inquiries: We are no longer servicing the state of California.
The scope of work we perform in New Mexico differs from that which we performed in California. Please contact our office for specifics.
Stucco Repair or Whole-house Re-stucco:
We are licensed GS-30 stucco contractors. We can repair
chipped, peeling, spalling or cracked stucco including parapets
and stucco repairs as recommended by a home inspector. We
can install stucco weep screed for the problem termite home.
See our Stucco Repair page for pictures of our stucco work.
House we stuccoed in Placitas
A home where we installed a stucco
weep screed. This is also a solution for
termites that are aggressively entering
a home beneath and behind stucco.
our stucco Repair page for additional
information on our stucco services.